Our Teachers

A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience’s attention, then he can teach his lesson.
Vinyasa Flow Instructor

Yogi Rajesh Ji

A young and dynamic vinyasa flow teacher who has been teaching since last 6 years. He has done masters in yoga .His experience and knowledge about yoga teaching overwhelms the students to a great extent . He is the person with pure heart and a million dollar smile on his face all the time.He teaches around 6-7 classes a day in various well known yoga schools in rishikesh. His command over Vinyasa flow is truly unmatchable.

Meditation and Yoga Philosophy

Yogi Sajan Ji

A calm and composed soul living his life in a yogic way. Having a
master’s degree in yoga, he is full of knowledge and wisdom. He chose
meditation and Yoga philosophy because he always wanted to be a calm
and composed person. He has a good strong texture of voice, which
certainly makes the environment holy when he chants the mantras. He
believes as we all are running behind materialistic world, we are
getting more and more stressed and depressed and we need to change
this. He teaches some beautiful meditation techniques that help
people to let go all the negativity they are carrying inside.

Ashtanga & Vinyasa

Yogi Naveen ji

Yogi Naveen Ji has been teaching Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow for the
last 4 years now. He is a very hardworking and enthusiastic asana
teacher, he is always looking to improve himself and developing new
modified and comfortable ways of asanas to help his students all the
time. He has done masters in yoga from Rishikesh. He also leads the
body alignment classes and explains the ways of doing different
postures comprehensively.

Ashtanga & Hatha

Yogi Deepraj ji

Yogi deepraj is one of the best hatha yoga teacher in rishikesh. He
has been teaching hatha yoga since last 4 years.Born and raised up in
the holy city of rishikesh ,he is carrying yoga in his life
style.Yogi deepraj has been invited for so many work shops overseas
because of his great level of knowledge in hatha yoga .He is very
humble and a helpful teacher who is always looking to make a
comfortable atmosphere in his classes. He has also done his masters
in yoga.

Anatomy Instructor

Yogi Yogesh Ji

As the name suggests he has implemented the way and path of Yoga in his own life . Being an anatomy teacher he is full of knowledge and experience .His way of explaining his lectures is truly amazing. Because Anatomy is one of the most important factor in order to know everything about one’s body working we have this (Yogi) power house of knowledge with us .He almost teaches the whole day in various schools and he is a professional gym trainer as well. He explains the working of each and every body part in detail.



Yogini Priyanka

Yogini Priyanka is the youngest teacher of our school.She is a great
example of women empowerment. Leading Ashtanga classes from last 3
years, she surprises everyone with her young age and great skills.She
is one of the most favorite teachers we have here in Rishikesh yog
nirvana.Being a hard working person she is continuously growing
herself in the yogic path and helping her students by motivating them
throughout the entire month.She is practicing Ashtanaga from very
early age and now she has got a great level of knowledge over her
subject that makes it very easy for students to learn from her.

body alignment

Yogi Manish Ji

Another talented and enthusiastic teacher of our school. He is even called master of body alignment and Ashtanga vinyasa. According to students who have studied under him he has a great knowledge of body alignment and postures he knows very well how to modify postures according to the level of students. He is teaching since last 3-4 years and he has gain a lot of knowledge about Ashtanga ,students can feel this while attending his classes. He knows evevrything about the correct movement of the body while performing Asanas. He is very popular among the schools in rishikesh.

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