Detoxifying your body using yoga is useful in solving physical problems and removes stress and anxiety. People in the 21st century are more indulged in unhealthy lifestyles. Long working hours, stress, bad eating habits, and whatnot. After long working hours, you barely have any energy for productive work. Instead, what you should be doing is practicing healthy habits, exercising, and healthy eating. Moreover, after the pandemic, unhealthy habits became the new normal. The best way to change it is going on a 14-day detox yoga retreat. Our yoga retreat package is all you need to start your detox journey. You will be able to put an end to your mental and physical health issues. People who opted for our detox yoga retreat embarked on a healthy journey.

Reasons for a Detox Yoga Retreat

  • Disturbed digestive system
  • You feel pressurized every day
  • You feel exhausted and upset throughout the day
  • Lack of motivation, patience, and confidence
  • Overthinker

Benefits of 14 Days Yoga Retreats

Detox retreats are not only relaxing but also useful since it helps in flushing out toxins from your body. Not only that, it is effective in weight reduction. You will notice a significant improvement in your body’s immunity if you opt for a full-body detox retreat. Here are a few changes you can expect to get from a 14-day detox retreat.

  • Useful in building a strong immunity system
  • Improves your energy levels
  • Enhances your mental health
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Useful in removing toxins from your body
  • Supports a better lifestyle for healthy living
  • Get away from stress

14 Days Yoga Retreat Package Inclusions

  • Private accommodation (13N/14D)
  • Healthy veg food (3 times/day)
  • Meditation classes
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Daily detox drinks
  • Visit Laxman Jhula / Ram Jhula
  • Visit Triveni Ghat
  • Watch Ganga Aarti in the evening
  • Explore Swarg Ashram
  • Group excursions
  • Free wifi connection
  • Airport pickup facility is available at additional cost of $20
Non-inclusions :- Shuttle service, Travel Insurance, Flight cost , Extra treatments ,Visa cost

How to detoxify your body?

If you want to start your journey, the first thing you must do is get rid of toxic foods. Quit alcohol, coffee, cigarette, and other harmful food that prevents your transformation. Stress is yet another barrier to good health; however, practicing yoga and meditation can effectively reduce your stress levels. Whether you are having any disease or recovering from one, you can opt for the best yoga retreat packages. Our retreat package has various inclusions. We arrange regular yoga classes and offer detox drinks and liver-cleansing foods that help in flushing out toxins from your body. You can contact us for detox programs and we will customize everything as per your needs. Everyone is welcome to join the journey.


What is our goal?

Our detox program entirely focuses on giving all the health benefits you require to start a healthy journey. We guarantee you that you will definitely enjoy the detox journey. After the two-weeks program is over, you will have a positive mind and a healthy body.


Refund Process and Cancellation Policy

Once you make the payment for the retreat program (you can either make the full payment or advance deposit), we will confirm the booking. If you fail to attend the program due to personal reasons, you have to email us the details. You won’t get any refund; after the payment is done. However, within a year you can join us from the date of payment. We won’t take any bookings after one year. If you leave the program in between due to any reason, we won’t give you any refund, nor can you reschedule.

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