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Prenatal Yoga Training

A woman undergoes a profound change during her pregnancy, marking a significant stage in her life. It signals the beginning of a special set of adjustments and challenges as the body and soul negotiate an ever-changing range of changes on the levels of physical, emotional, biological, and mental. There's an incorrect belief that doing yoga while pregnant can be difficult and even dangerous for the unborn child. This idea isn't true, though. Yoga during pregnancy helps the body and mind get ready for the physical and mental stress that comes with pregnancy. Yoga focuses your attention within, strengthening the awareness and your bond with your child and therefore preparing you for new responsibilities that lie ahead.

The goal of prenatal yoga training is to provide yoga instructors with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide expectant mothers with a safe, encouraging environment for their physical and mental well-being during their pregnancy. With this specific training, yoga instructors can modify poses to meet the special requirements of pregnant moms, enhancing their general health and preparing them for childbirth. The Prenatal Yoga teacher training course hosted by Rishikesh Yog Nirvana is intended to help yoga instructors guide their pregnant students with prenatal and postpartum complications as well as issues like infertility.

Nestled in the heart of Rishikesh, Rishikesh Yog Nirvana is a certified yoga institution that specialises in offering comprehensive Teacher Training Courses (TTCs) in both Prenatal and Postnatal yoga. Beyond yoga poses, meditation, and pranayama, our curriculum covers important topics that are crucial for expecting and new mothers. Asana appropriateness for mother and child is our top priority, with an emphasis on maintaining their physical and emotional health. Our method places a strong emphasis on easing the mother's needless anxiety and strain, assessing her preparedness for the baby's arrival, and attending to any emotional loads she may be carrying. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive and encouraging atmosphere that supports the mother and the child during this life-changing experience.



The Prenatal Yoga Training Course covers major aspects such as:

  • Detailed explanation of Garbhopanishad and its relevance during the pregnancy period
  • Yoga Philosophy on pregnancy
  • Anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system
  • Importance of Pranayama for pre-natal women
  • Importance of Mantra chanting, meditation and fetal talk during pregnancy
  • Nutrition
  • Psychotherapy during pre and post-pregnancy
  • Couple therapy and preparation for conception
  • Asanas for pre and post natal
  • Teaching Methodology for pre and postnatal yoga

Accommodation and Facilities

Accommodations for prenatal yoga teacher training are provided by Rishikesh Yog Nirvana in the serene Himalayan environment. The ashram is located close to modern amenities such as convenience stores, cafes, and ATMs close by, all while being nestled within the magnificent mountains. Throughout the course, shared and private housing with basic supplies and yoga mats are offered. We will also provide necessities such as clean blankets, bedsheets, pillows, towels, toilet paper, and other necessary items. Students can bring their own commodities if they so prefer. The accommodations provide contemporary conveniences like wifi, a library, and round-the-clock security.

In order to promote good physical health and calm the mind, the school serves vegetarian "Sattvic" meals that are prepared according to Ayurvedic principles and are renowned for their simplicity and easy digestion. The organisation emphasises a holistic approach to yoga that includes attentive and nutritious eating habits and goes beyond mere physical activity. In line with the spiritual aspects of a yogic lifestyle, these Sattvic meals are believed to foster in people traits of kindness, compassion, and spiritual strength in addition to providing physical nourishment.


Prenatal yoga is a specific form of yoga that is tailored especially for pregnant women. It focuses on a sequence of customised postures, targeted breathing exercises, and relaxation methods that are carefully planned to meet their bodies' changing demands. Providing specialised care and attention to physical, emotional, and mental components of a pregnant woman's well-being throughout her journey, this practice acts as a comprehensive support system.

Pregnant women can safely practise yoga under the guidance of a trained prenatal yoga instructor. However, it's essential to speak with a qualified doctor before starting a new workout programme while pregnant. Informing the healthcare provider about your situation will guarantee a tailored strategy that takes into account unique health circumstances and guarantees that the physical activities chosen—yoga included—are appropriate for the needs and overall well-being during this critical time.

Prenatal yoga provides expectant mothers with numerous advantages. It helps in improving flexibility, reducing tension, encouraging relaxation, strengthening the muscles needed for childbirth, and boosting general well-being during the pregnancy process. Prenatal yoga helps pregnant women maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health by combining breathing exercises, gentle movements, and relaxation techniques. This makes pregnancy more comfortable and pleasant.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Courses are thorough, specialised programmes designed to provide the knowledge and abilities needed to properly lead and assist pregnant women in their yoga practice. Pregnant women have specific demands, and these classes address how to modify traditional yoga poses to meet those needs while focusing on safety, comfort, and the overall health of the expectant mother and her unborn child. The course covers adjustments, breathing exercises, and information that is essential for creating a safe and encouraging atmosphere during this transitional stage.

Enrolling in a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) often requires learners to have some prior yoga experience and to have a basic understanding of yoga asana practice. It's important to remember that certain requirements can change based on the unique training programmes and the standards they maintain. To make sure you meet the qualifications, it's a good idea to review the admission requirements of the specific TTC you're interested in.

Prenatal anatomy, asana (yoga posture) modification, effective teaching methodologies designed specifically for expectant mothers, childbirth education, safety protocols, and the nurturing of women's emotional well-being during their pregnancy journey are just a few of the essential topics covered in a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC). This extensive curriculum guarantees a deep comprehension of the complex requirements and worries that pregnant women have when practising yoga.

Of course! After completing a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) successfully, you will have the skills and knowledge required to instruct prenatal yoga classes and offer new mothers priceless advice. This extensive training will provide you with the confidence to lead prenatal yoga courses, promoting and enhancing pregnant women's health with this specific practice. You will also become part of the Yoga Alliance, which can help expand your career.

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