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January 31, 2023

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Sometimes we might suffer from a bloated stomach which can prove to be quite uncomfortable for us. In that case, make sure to perform some yoga poses that will provide you with much-awaited relief. Let us talk about the top 10 yoga poses to get relief from gas in this article.

1. Happy Baby Pose

Here, you need to stretch your legs after lying on the back and both of your arms must be at the sides. Bring your knees near your chest after raising your legs in the direction of the ceiling. Keep the feet flat while bending the knees at right angles. Make use of the hands for holding the feet and calves while softening your spine in the direction of the ground. Exhale gradually while pulling your knees slowly toward the ground.

2. Spinal Twist

This is yet another yoga pose that will be effective in getting rid of bloating and gas. Inhale gradually while holding your knees and lying on the floor. Drop the knees on the left side while exhaling and make use of your hands for pushing the knees down. Following this, your arm needs to be extended out to your right while turning your head. Maintain that pose for several breaths before returning the knees and the hands to the middle while inhaling. Make sure to perform the identical process on the opposite side.

3. Apanasana

Besides helping you to get relief from gas, this pose will likewise aid in the detoxification of your system. Your hands must be positioned on the knees while lying on your back on the floor. While exhaling, make sure to hug your chest with the help of your knees. Stretch as far as possible. Then, release the knees after performing this for several breaths. Make your grip lose on your legs so that they can deviate from the stomach while inhaling.

4. Reclined Twist

Sit down on your knees while positioning the glutes on your feet. Your weight has to be shifted for raising the glutes to your right side and your legs must be on the reverse side. While doing so, you need to sit on the floor. Raise the left leg with your hands and your foot must be positioned on the exterior of the right knee. After extending the arms twist them to your left while positioning the right arm on your left leg’s exterior. After maintaining the pose for several breaths, make sure to perform the same process for the other leg.

5. Vertical Frog Squat Pose

Stand upright with your arms at the sides and your feet somewhat apart. Sink your hips to the ground slowly after bending your knees and raise your heels to some extent. Your palms have to be pressed together at the center while bending your elbows and you ought to rest on your knees as well. Lengthen your spine after raising your chest and then you need to open the chest.

6. One-Legged Seated Spinal Twist

Extend your legs while sitting on the floor. Position your heel near your body after bending the right knee. Your palm has to be positioned on the ground while extending the right arm at your back. Twist your body while putting the left elbow to the external part of your right knee. Maintain this pose for around 4 breaths and make sure to exhale. Following this, the twisted pose has to be released and the same process has to be performed on the opposite side.

7. Bridge Pose

Make certain to position your feet in front of the glutes and your arms should be at your side while bending your knees and lying on the floor on your back. Raise the hips, glutes, as well as back from the floor while maintaining the firmness of your core and glute. Make sure to rest on your shoulders at this moment. Release the pose after holding for several breaths and don’t forget to repeat this procedure.

8. Pinwheel Pose

Sit with your legs crossed on the ground and your hands must be placed on the knees. Move the left leg to your left side so that it is aligned with the hip and maintain the position of your right leg while doing so. Face your foot in the direction of the wall at your back. Bend both of your knees at right angles. Your torso has to be lowered in the direction of the right leg and your fingers must be positioned on the ground. Make sure to lower the forearms on the ground while maintaining this position.

9. Double-Leg Wind-Relieving Pose

While performing this pose, make it a point to extend your legs completely while lying on the back and your arms must rest at your sides. Squeeze your knees gently near your chest while moving them in the direction of the chest. Moreover, your hands must be clutched before your shins.

10. Downward Facing Dog pose

There is no doubt that this pose will help you to get the job done when it comes to getting relief from gas. Keep the feet somewhat apart while standing upright. Hinge in the forward direction while maintaining the straightness of your back and your palms must be pressed to the floor. This pose has to be held for approximately 7 to 8 breaths for getting the best results.

Final thoughts

Let us hope that these above-mentioned 10 yoga poses will help you to get relief from gas considerably. Nevertheless, it will be a good idea to take the advice of your medical practitioner prior to starting these poses.