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February 09, 2023

How to do Shoulder Stand or Sarvangasana

Sarvangasana the name sarvang means all the parts of the body means it is beneficial for entire body. It is an inversion asana. In Sarvangasana your body has reverse blood circulation which is really good for people having knee pain as blood flows back up it opens and prevents any blockage from legs. Body position is upside down in Sarvangasana so all the weight of the body should come on shoulders and back of the neck. With this our shoulders and neck strengthen and get energized. We can maintain this posture for 15-90 seconds and can be repeated for 2-3 times. Kids can also practice this asana as it is very good for them to increase concentration.

How to do Shoulder Stand / Sarvangasana

  1. lay down on your mat with soupine position and feet together
  2. with inhalation lift your legs over the head and come for halasana, interlace you fingers behind your back and press your arms down, lift your hips up roll the shoulders
  3. release your fingers and bend your elbows place your palms on the upper back as much as you can
  4. lift your legs up one by one or if you can together, keep both feets together throughout the posture and keep your feet dorsi flex
  5. engage your hip ,core and thigh muscles, keep pushing your chest to chin
  6. keep your elbows close to each other and head stable throughout the posture
  7. hold the poster for minimum 10 breath , while holding it maintain the contraction of muscles and focus on your breath.

How to release the posture

  1. when you want to come out from the posture bend your knees and bring them to your forehead
  2. stretch your legs over the head and come for halasana
  3. place your palms on the mat behind your back and with your core strength slowly release your spine on the mat and your hips and legs for supine position

Shoulder Stand Benefits

  1. Helps to improve blood circulation in the body. With improved blood circulation to the head its very good for calming down the mind and helps with anxiety.
  2. Improves flexibility and strength of neck and thoracic region.
  3. Good for wrist , shoulders mobility and strength.
  4. Helps to reduce fatigue, improve sleep and digestion.
  5. Helps to reduce fat,blood pressure and prevent heart problems.
  6. Shoulder stand is one of the best position for meditation and works very effectively on our throat chakra.
  7. With shoulder stand we improve blood circulation to our face skin cells and work on our facial glow.
  8. With shoulder stand we are working on our whole body which is very important for overall strength and flexibility.
  9. Because of all these physical and mental benefits shoulder stand is known as queen of asanas.

Follow up Asana

After Sarvangasana one should follow Mathsyasana or Fish pose as it is the counter pose nad helps to extend the throat as it is contracted in sarvangasana. Helps people with their thyroid.