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Online Yoga Teacher Training

This online training module at Rishikesh Yog Nirvana in Rishikesh will guide you through every yoga asana, meditation and pranayama through the live session. If you are facing any kind of issues then you will be able to interact with your teachers then and there only through the live session; Also you will be provided with necessary training modules that will help you to continue your training module at your own pace. Also, this training module is registered with Yoga alliance the USA is equivalent to a 200-hour yoga training module that means after completion of this course you will be able to start your career as a yoga teacher. This online yoga course covers all the necessary aspects of yoga that incorporate the concept and learning of yoga asana, history and philosophy of yoga, Understanding of yoga anatomy, pranayama, and meditation along with sequencing of class and teaching methodology. You will be provided with the recorded lecture and printed manuals for your training purpose. After the completion of your course, an online questionnaire will be sent to you and one online practical examination will be conducted after that your certification will be mailed to you by Rishikesh Yog Nirvana.
Online yoga course

Online Training

Teacher Training in Rishikesh

  • Online Training:  $450
  • Style: Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Timing : 1st to 28th every Month

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Benefits of Online Yoga TTC at Rishikesh

This online yoga TTC by Rishikesh Yog Nirvana is an advanced web-based yoga course at an affordable price that will provide you with a live classroom experience. The purpose of this live training module is to provide all the necessary training module to yoga aspirants who want to learn yoga but lacks an adequate time frame. This will enable you to learn everything about yoga in the comfort of your home under the guidance of our experienced yoga teachers. Rishikesh Yog Nirvana in Rishikesh has carefully structured this training module in a very affordable range so that you will know who got the bargain.

Training module

Training module This training program is divided into two modules:
  • 1st Module one comprises of live training program where you will be guided by our yoga teachers through the live yoga session so that if you are going wrong somewhere then you will be corrected at a time by our teachers.
  • 2nd module consists of recoded training module which is only applicable to existing yoga teachers. Here you will provide all the recorded lectures that cover all the aspects of yoga that are required to complete your training.

How can you apply for this online training program

Apply nowYou can apply for this yoga program through our website.

Refund Policy

After the successful registration and submission of the fee Rishikesh Yog Nirvana refrain from any kind of refund. We do not possess such a policy.

Progression through the course

Our yoga alliance USA-certified online yoga TTC helps you to build a solid foundation in the learning and teaching of yoga. After the successful registration and submission of a fee; the entire training module will be mailed to you by Rishikesh Yog Nirvana in Rishikesh. After the successful evaluation which includes a set of questionnaires and an online practical examinations your 200-hour yoga certificate will be mailed to you.

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