Rishikesh Yogni Nirvana

Our Yoga Teachers in Rishikesh

Yogi Rajesh

Yogi Rajesh Ji

A young, dynamic, and famous Vinyasa flow teacher who has been teaching for the last ten years. He has done a master’s in yoga. His experience and knowledge about yoga teachings overwhelm the students to a great extent. He has a great knowledge of making the different flow of asanas according to the level of a student. He can easily modify postures in case of any injury or discomfort. His command over Vinyasa flow is truly unmatchable

Yogi Manish

Yogi Manish Ji

A talented and enthusiastic teacher of our school. He is even called the master of body alignment and Ashtanga Vinyasa. According to students who have studied under him he has a great knowledge of body alignment and postures, and he knows very well how to modify postures according to the level of his students. He has been teaching for the last 8 years and he has gained a lot of knowledge about Ashtanga Yoga. Students can feel this while attending their classes. He knows everything about the correct movement of the body while performing asanas. He is very popular among the schools in Rishikesh.

Yogi Priyanka Ji

Yogini Priyanka is the youngest teacher of our school. She is a great example of women’s empowerment. Leading Ashtanga classes for the last 7 years, she surprises everyone with her young age and great skills. She is one of the most favorite teachers we have here in Rishikesh yognirva . Being a hard-working person she is continuously growing herself in the yogic path and helping her students by motivating them throughout the entire month. She is practicing Ashtanga for a very early age and now she has got a great level of knowledge over her subject that makes it very easy for students to learn from her.

Yogi Sajan

Yogi Saajan Ji

Being a master in yoga, Yogi Saajan is full of knowledge and wisdom. He chose to teach meditation and Yoga philosophy because he believes in spreading peace to the world. He has a good strong texture of voice which certainly makes the environment holy when he chants the mantras at the same he has a therapeutic voice that takes people to reach a relaxed and peaceful state easily. He has been teaching for the last 8 years now. He teaches some beautiful meditation techniques to let go of all the negative emotions people are carrying inside them thus makes them lighter and peaceful.



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