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January 30, 2023

Common causes of Knee pain and how to avoid them

We hear from our elder family members saying i have knee pain i can’t walk that much i can’t come with you cause i have knee pain. It can be through various reasons as we age the gap between knees lessens, wears and tear happens, we don’t take care of our own body, so its going to give us the pain in return.

I am sure all of you must have heard this. But nowadays we hear this from young age people too. Surprising right? Yes, it’s common nowadays in youngsters it can be by many reasons like tight hip flexors, and tight quad muscles, but the most common is the way we sit or stand means our body posture which we don’t notice or realize, and that gives us stress on the knee to cause pain and inflammation and if you already have knee pain it perpetuates it. As we don’t realize, it starts to affect us at a later stage or in a few days.

Common causes of Knee pain

Posture, posture, and posture here we are discussing the knee but posture is very important whether it’s for your back knee or any other pay of the body. Many of us don’t know what a good posture is for your body. As Here we will discuss the knee and its posture, lets’s learn some basic which everyone should be aware of so it can help them to understand its significance for the betterment of our body’s future.

How to Avoid Knee Pain

The knee joint has cartilage which allows our knee to move and function, its well lubricated so it can move without any pain. Things we should keep in mind while standing:

  • We should stand always with a slightly bended knee, if if stand in a knee lock position we are likely to damage this cartilage and the front of the knee.
  • Many of you have a sitting job we tend to sit With bended knee with more than 90 degrees, While you should be sitting at 90 or even less. Make sure you sit comfortably so your knees are healthy including your back.
  • Sitting on the floor or bed with folded knee ( frog style). Make your you straighten your legs every 30 mins or just do 5 kicks each side.
  • Sleeping all night with straight knees gives our knees alot of tension putting a pillow under our knees is always a good idea for supporting them and to keep them healthy.
  • Walking when we walk we always walk with heel strike means we walk keeping our knee touching the ground first. Which cause legs to be straight even in hyperextended position which is really bad for our walk always keeping flat foot or your toes should be landing first keeping knees soft not lock.

Happy knees keeps happy beings.