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September 3, 2022

Top Yoga Destinations In India

People have started to wake up to the importance of achieving good health these days and that is a good sign. It is observed that individuals are now resorting to yoga to bring balance within themselves and achieve good mental and physical health. Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago and there are some great places within the country to practice this. Want to know more? Here takes a read.

7 Best Yoga Destinations In India

Here is a list of destinations that you can visit to practice yoga or even learn yoga to become a certified teacher. Take a look.


Rishikesh is known as the center for yoga in India and every single person who practices yoga serious visits this place once in their lifetime. Rishikesh is very neatly located near the Himalayan Mountains and the view is amazing. The city has many ashrams that teach yoga to people from all over the world. There are several Yoga Teacher School in Rishikesh who offering professional yoga courses.


Kerela is a beautiful place that is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Kerela is a popular tourist location that people from all over the country and overseas visit. This is the ideal location to practice yoga. There are many institutes and yoga camps where you can indulge in yoga exercises. You can go to the capital city of Trivandrum and join a yoga ashram and practice under the supervision of trained teachers. These centers offer suitable accommodation and vegetarian food.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a fabulous state that is decorated with snow-capped mountains and beautiful towns, it is these that attract thousands of tourists that come here each year. Shimla, Kasol, and Manali are some of the most visited places in the state. People come here to trek, take pictures, and practice yoga. The most popular place to practice yoga in Himachal Pradesh is Dharamshala. Many yoga institutes teach you proper techniques and also reveal the secrets of how to form a strong bond between your mind and body.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is located on the western coast of India and if you are looking for a yoga retreat to spend some time in then this is the state for you. Coimbatore, Madurai, and Chennai are three cities where you will find some of the best yoga training centers. A lot of the institutes offer residential courses.


There is no denying that practicing yoga in a hill station can have a positive effect on the body so if you want to experience this then you should head over to Sikkim. This is a beautiful state with beautiful and kind people. There are many yoga institutes here that not only teach you traditional yoga but also help you experience a spiritual awakening.


When it comes to looking for a yoga retreat in India, Karnataka should be on your list without fail. Firstly, it is one state that is filled with history and tons of tourist attractions However, this state is also known for its traditional yoga practices. There are quite a few reputed institutes in Mysore, that offer fabulous courses on yoga. Also, some ashrams not only offer yoga classes, but also ayurvedic massages that have a healing effect on the body.


Want to combine a fabulous holiday with some indulgence in yoga? Well, Why not go to Goa? This place is filled with yoga retreats and if you want to check into some fancy retreat then you can do that as well. If you want to experience slightly tolerable weather while practicing yoga outdoors then you should visit during the winter months. Yoga in Goa is the best way to cleanse your body and spirit.

How To look For A Good Yoga Institute In India

Well, it is not tough to find a yoga institute in India, but finding the right one can be tough. So, you need to research on the internet. Make a list of some reputed institutions and then read reviews on them, visit their websites and read what people have said about them, and finally compare the prices just to make sure you are not paying silly money. Whatever you do, do not rush the process of finding the right institute.

Wrapping Up

Whatever the reason may be for you to take up yoga and imbibe it in your lifestyle, these laces will allow you to learn it properly. These places tend to get crowded as they are also popular tourist destinations so you must make your plans early to avoid disappointments. All the places mentioned above have a lot to offer and we trust they will give you what you are looking for.