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December 02, 2022

Yoga Poses For Stress Relief (for Beginner)

We tend to suffer from lots of anxiety and stress in our daily life at present. It makes it quite difficult for us to concentrate on our tasks and this can have an influence on our overall physical and mental health as well. Moreover, it makes us less productive and you suffer from depression too. However, it has been improved that yoga helps us to stay calm and stress-free without fail. And, the good thing is that virtually anyone can practice yoga including even kids. Here, we have presented some well-known yoga poses for stress relief, particularly meant for beginners.

01. Balasana (Child’s pose)

This particular pose is beneficial for our nervous system as well as the lymphatic system. It helps to stretch our hips, ankles, and thighs plus relieves neck and back pain as well. In this way, this pose can play an important role in getting rid of stress and calming our minds.

Begin this pose by sitting on the heels after kneeling down. Following this, make sure to bend forward with the chest touching the thighs. Allow your hands to rest on your sides. This particular position should be held as long as you can while you are breathing deeply.

02. Sukhasana (Easy pose)

There is no doubt that this pose mentioned here will aid you to calm down and get rid of anxiety as well. It will also help you to alleviate physical and mental fatigue. While performing this pose, it will lengthen your spine while opening the hips.

Begin this pose by extending your legs in front and keeping the spine straight. Following this, your knees should be bent while bringing your right foot under the left knee and the left foot under the right knee. While doing so, your palms have to be placed on the knees. Look in front of you and focus on your breathing. This position has to be maintained for one minute and then you have to change your crossed legs.

03. Standing Forward Fold Pose (Uttanasana)

This pose will help to stretch your hamstrings, hips, calves, and back. Uttanasana will help to make your mind calm and balance your nervous system as well. It will likewise help to stimulate the kidneys and the liver while alleviating insomnia and headaches.

While standing in the neutral position, bend the knees while hinging forward from the hips. Your hands should be placed ahead of your feet. While doing so, you need to engage the core. Your weight has to be shifted to the balls of the feet. Slightly bend the knees for preventing strain on the lower back in case your hamstrings become excessively tight. Otherwise, lengthen through your leg’s back while maintaining the weight on your feet’s balls. Use your opposite hands for holding each elbow. Try to soften your neck and jaw around the eyes and try to keep your mind free from any thoughts. The pose has to be held for five breaths, and then you have to rise back slowly up to Tadasana.

04. Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

This pose will be appropriate for stretching your entire body including your hips, thighs, calves, shoulders, ankles, as well as upper back. Garud Asana can be responsible for stimulating your immune system as well as improving balance. It will help you to get rid of tension and focus on your concentration too.

Begin the Eagle pose by placing your arms at the side and standing upright. Balance on the right foot while bending your knees and your left thigh has to be crossed over your right thigh. The top of the left foot has to be hooked behind the right calf. Both your hands have to be extended straight in front of the body and your left arm has to be dropped under your right arm. The forearms have to be raised at an angle of 90° to the ground while bending the elbows. Wrap the hands and arms while pressing the palms together. Your hips and chest have to be squared to the front while drawing your abdomen in and up. Try to retain your balance further by concentrating on the tips of your thumbs. This pose has to be held for 60 seconds. Following this, you need to repeat this on the left side after unwinding your arms and legs gently.

05. Paschimottanasana (Seated forward bend)

Besides helping you to get relief from stress, Paschimottan Asana will aid in easing the symptoms of PMS, stimulating the liver, improving digestion, reducing fatigue, plus relieving the symptoms of menopause. This will be done by stretching the hamstring, spine, as well as the lower back.

Begin this pose by sitting with the feet extended in the forward direction. Following this, make sure to bend forward while touching your stomach with your thighs. Use your hands to hold your feet. This particular pose is to be held for half a minute before returning to the original position.