One of the best and easy to follow meditation practice for beginners

One of the best and easy to follow meditation practice for beginners. Want to know how
easy it is?

What is Meditation? Why we all find it intractable.

Meditation is around for thousands of years. Many define Meditation as study, close study,
speculation, attention, chanting, musing, thought. But what actually Meditation is? Why one
need to practice it? Why people are going towards Meditation? It starts with the body but
later mind becomes more stable, balanced, self-control and one is introduced to self-
discipline as it opens the door to self-trust. Various benefits and some core benefits are
found with Mediation and there are various types and techniques of meditation depending
upon one’s life such as: for better sleep, for feeling tired, for anger, for calming and ability
to slow your mind because our mind is travelling 100 miles an hour all the time, slow down
the stressful life we are living. As tree takes its own time to grow and gives us what is
required for us to live like Oxygen to breathe in, fruits-vegetables to eats, shadow when
required. Likewise, mediation requires practice, it requires concentration. Stillness, balance
and self-learning. We need to navigate from the part of our life where we feel life is hard
and challenging. Meditation can help you to gain control over your stressful mind and will
help you to manage and control your lifestyle, will help you to do things which are
meaningful and leads to happiness and healthy life. Meditation is more effective than
Medication and what side effects it can have? Meditation can have only good side effects
and one is called Happiness. Meditation can reverse all the medication side effects and can
improve concentration and attention because part of it asks us to stay focus and mindful.

61 points Meditation-

Very calming relaxing soothing and body losing way of meditation.
One can either sit or lay down to practice 61 points relaxing meditation. Like it’s mentioned
our mind run miles an hour agonizes all the time and to be able to get out of that state into
a much more relaxing and being able to control what is going on in our mind rather than
vice versa.
Here in this particular meditation practice one has to scan one’s own physical body with

As the image describes we have to start first by focusing on our centre of the forehead
(Point 1) and have to feel all the sensations coming out of that particular point only. Once
we start focusing on that point we feel a sense of heaviness and warmth energy there thus
being conscious we have to shift our awareness one by one on all the different 61 points in
our body and let this warmth energy be filled into the entire physical body .Wherever this
energy travels in our body we feel that particular body part getting relaxed ,we feel all the
tension we were carrying there is now loosening and at the end when we scan our entire
body with our awareness we feel the complete body melting down towards the floor ,all the
disturbing elements from this physical body have gone away and this body is falling down
,falling absolutely free and the more our body falls down the more it takes us to the deeper
layers of relaxation.

All we have to do is just to be aware and shift our awareness within the body .If any thought
comes into the mind and takes you somewhere else ,as soon as you realize you need to
accept that you have been distracted from your practice and very gently without getting
frustrated and without fighting to your mind you need to bring your awareness back at the
point your remember you were on last time.
The most important thing about meditation is that you never ever have to feel frustrated,
you need to be patient for that if you feel I can’t reach to the meditation state ,this is not for
me all other can do it but I can’t then you are doing something very wrong you need to
remember that you are not the only one that feel it tough at the beginning we all are like
this ,the only thing you can do to help yourself is to keep trying ,the more you try the more
you get it.
So find a comfortable place for yourself and experience this very easy yet deep relaxation
technique of meditation.

Benefits of meditation:
There are 4 major brain waves
Delta- 1-4 cycles per second. Which is really a sleep brain wave when u asleep.
Theta – 5-eight cycles per second. Very light asleep or meditative state
Alpha– 9-13 cycles per second. Being awake but sort of relaxed mind.
Beta – above 13 which is processing, thinking. When you think too much that turns into
stress and beyond that it becomes obsession, beyond that its delusional. Beta waves always
processing all the time and you can’t be in Beta all the time you will collapse we need to
shift activities in our brain to lower range so we can relax and turn off the processing.
Researches meditation has shown that part of the brain that is responsible for that rubber
neck is called the Default Mode Network. With experience meditators researchers has
found that amount of activity in that DMN is way less than people who don’t meditate. what
is DMN its all the thoughts going in our brain and let us be in Beta waves. What actually
mediation does is turns off that processing, those thoughts.

Why and how it does that. Answer is meditation has direct connection with Heart and Brain.
Heart has got little sensory Neurons in it. Why, why does the heart have these sensory
Neurons. In meditation there is this Heart and Brain union that happens and scientist found
the communication between Heart and Brain and called these sensory neurons little brain
of our heart and when required and meditative the heart is the thing which does the largest
amount of communication. How you know something is from your heart when you ask a
question from your heart that’s when brain work and that’s how we caught in the thinking
and we are not quiet. So, we meditate and disconnect and disconnection becomes very
strong so we can hear clearly what our heart is telling us, right or wrong what should be
done. We don’t need to ask anyone what is right and wrong, we have the answer and we
need to hear what our heart is saying. But if we are bus in our head and don’t trust
ourselves because like I mentioned above head runs 100 miles an hour and makes a lot of
stories. Cognitive dissonance which is in head making so many thoughts and stories, but
when we happen to be in Meditation its absent these sensory neurons and it opens up
communication between heart and brain and heart communication is always from Nature
and its best for you. This communication when we learn we happen to be positive, full of
gratitude and truthful and we get out of the ties our brain tells us to do that are ok or
permissive and we get into our heart space. Then life is better and foes smoothly. How you
get into Heart space through Meditation. It brings you to heart space quickly. From there
happiness happens instantly.
Meditation is not just to be happy it’s the conduit of super learning and deep intuition.
In summary it can slow down aging of brain, it prevents mind wandering and gives you some
control how you process things, it improves concentration and attention and reduce anxiety
and depression. In science, it shows brain changes, long term meditation practice or people
who mediate and have been practicing for a long time they have experience the change in brain.

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