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September 11, 2022

6 Most Effective Yoga Poses to Increase Height

Your height can be affected by plenty of factors. However, your genetic makeup can be considered to be the most important factor influencing your height. Although it will not be possible to alter your genes, you can definitely follow some methods that will assist you in increasing your height. One such process happens to be Yoga. In this article, we have articulated the top 6 most effective yoga poses to increase height.

Kids checking height after the yoga exercise

Surya Namaskar

This particular pose is intended for acknowledging the sun. It comprises as many as 12 poses which should be performed in a cyclical way. By executing this pose, one will be able to stretch the muscles and gain weight. This type of yoga pose can be considered to be the most common asana for increasing height quickly.

Steps to perform

  • Start by facing the sun and placing your feet on the floor.
  • Use your palms for performing a namaskar and raise your arms while inhaling.
  • Come in contact with the ground while bending forward and exhaling. Make sure not to bend your knees while doing so.
  • Lift your head while pushing forward your left leg. This has to be followed by your right leg until you lie down prostrate on the floor.
  • The cycle has to be reversed step-by-step while exhaling.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

This one is one more Surya Namaskar pose that should be performed for increasing your height. The only difference between the 2 poses is that Surya Namaskar will require some more time and practice. It will be feasible for you to try an individual pose like Bhujangasana individually for enhancing your height even when you happen to be a beginner.

While performing this pose, you need to lie on the ground on your stomach while raising your head and torso for stretching your body. This particular pose can be performed for improving flexibility and height simultaneously.


While performing this particular pose, make sure to stand straight with your legs, head, and waist in a straight line while keeping your hands hanging beside you and maintaining your feet together. Following this, lift your arms in the upward direction parallel to one another while inhaling. Following this, raise your heels slowly while trying to balance on the toes. Next, your body has to be stretched in the upward direction as much as possible while keeping your legs and arms straight. This position has to be maintained for 30 seconds and then you have to release it gently. Also check the top Yoga destinations in India here.

Tadasana will prove to be effective for enhancing your posture and strengthening your legs. It can be responsible for lingering your spine and it is considered to be the most effective yoga pose in case you have flat feet. Apart from increasing your blood circulation, this pose will also aid in enhancing your digestion and improving your balance plus posture.


This is yet another widely accepted yoga pose that will help to increase your height by enhancing the functioning of the hypothalamus. It will likewise help the endocrine glands to function better.

After sitting comfortably on the knees, make sure to bring your elbow beneath your shoulder to the ground. Move your hands close while interlocking your finger for forming a triangle by making sure that your elbows are maintained in that position. After placing your head on the floor, use your hands to support the back of your head. Straighten your hips and knees in the direction of the ceiling after curling your toes. Shift your weight gradually and steadily on your arms and head by balancing your body and lifting your feet one by one carefully from the ground and maintaining balance. Following this, lift your legs slowly in the upward direction while keeping your body straight. This pose is to be maintained as per your comfort.

Vriksh Asana

While performing this pose, make sure to fold your leg and place it on top of the other thigh while your weight will be borne by another leg. This will aid in making your muscles stronger. Moreover, it will be feasible to activate the pituitary gland by flexing your neck in the upward direction. This gland is accountable for generating growth hormones.


AdhoMukhaShwanasana or downward facing dog pose will aid in toning the hands and the feet while improving balancing as well. While performing this pose, make sure to place the palm on the floor while stretching your fingers. Pull your stomach while inhaling and raise your knees gradually. Go on supporting your body weight until you achieve the reversed U shape. Go back to your normal position while exhaling.

So, these were the easiest yoga exercise that will help to increase the height of a growing kids. If you find this post informative, then do share it on social media, happy Yoga!