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October 12, 2022

Top 5 Yoga Exercises to Improve Memory and Concentration

As we become old, we have to face some issues for maintaining the health and youth of our system which is also applicable to our brain. Even though it might be possible to keep our brains sharp to some extent by indulging in playing brain games, we need to perform some workouts to keep our brains in top condition as we become older.

Fortunately, it is not imperative to perform workouts that only involve strenuous activities such as sprinting or visiting the fitness center. You will come across several Yoga exercises meant to enhance your memory and improve your concentration to a great extent. The good thing is that these exercises can prevent you from being affected by age-related brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s.

Here, we have articulated the top 5 Yoga exercises for improving your memory.

1. Nadisuddhi Pranayama

It is a fact that oxygen is responsible significantly for enhancing our brain’s functioning. The majority of individuals tend to spend most of their time indoors at present. In that case, it will be sensible to go outside to get some fresh air which will prove to be beneficial for our brain by providing an additional dosage of oxygen. Make sure to inhale and exhale gradually since you will experience a reduction in the heart rate while performing this particular exercise. The beneficial aspect of this asana happens to be a minimization of anxiety and stress.

How to perform this exercise: Sit comfortably with your legs crossed and exhale deeply. Make sure to inhale from the left nostril while keeping the right one closed with the help of your thumb. Following this, open the right nostril after keeping both nostrils closed for several seconds and exhale from the left nostril while keeping it closed. This process has to be repeated; however, make sure to start with the right nostril this time.

2. Matsyasana

This yoga exercise aids in getting rid of tension in the shoulders and the neck. It will likewise provide you with relief from respiratory ailments.

How to perform this exercise: Lie on the back with the feet together and the hands in a relaxed position alongside your body. Bring your elbows closer after positioning your hands beneath your hips. Raise your chest and head while breathing in. Touch the top of your head to the ground after lowering your head backward and raising your chest. Do not place your weight on the head, but on the elbows while pressing them into the ground firmly. Press your legs and thighs to the ground while raising your chest. Take long breaths gently in and out after maintaining this pose as long as you can. Make sure to relax in this position while exhaling on every occasion. Lower your head and chest to the ground while lifting your head. Relax after bringing back your hands along the sides of your body.

3. Suryanamaskar

This yoga exercise comprises as many as 12 poses engaging different parts of your body. It ought to be practiced by all individuals for getting a healthy body and mind. As per the top Yoga teacher, the Suryanamaskar will help to enhance the strength and flexibility of the body and mind. It will also help you to unwind and stay calm.

How to perform this exercise: Make certain to stand straight with the hands in a prayer position and the feet together. Raise the hands on top of your head after stretching your body. Bring your hands down to the feet after leaning forward. Try touching the toes. Push your left leg back after placing the palms firmly on the ground. Reach the left foot after taking back the right foot. Make sure that your entire body is in a straight line. Your knees have to be brought to the ground. Your hand, knees, feet, chest, and chin must be on the ground.

Following this, perform the downward dog pose by bringing the right foot close to your hands. Also, bring in your left foot. Stretch your body above the head using your hands. Follow the initial step while bringing the hand to your chest.

Perform 3 rounds of this particular exercise daily in the morning.

4. Halasana

At present, we find it quite difficult to slumber peacefully because of certain factors like restless emotions and anxiousness. The most notable thing regarding Halasana is that it will prepare your mind and body for meditation and relaxation. This exercise will help in the proper circulation of blood to every part of your system including your brain.

How to perform this exercise: Make sure to lie down on your back while keeping your palms and arms facing downwards on the floor. Make sure to elevate your legs using your abdominal muscles and your hands. Sweep them on top of your head until your toes are able to touch the ground in this position above the head. While performing this exercise make certain to inhale. This position has to be held for several seconds before bringing back your legs to their previous position. Also check these yoga exercise to increase height and easy to do it.

5. Padangusthasana

This particular yoga exercise will be appropriate for you in case you are suffering from mental and physical exhaustion. It will provide you with instant relief and relaxation. This workout will help to cool down your brain and you will get rid of anxiety and stress. Apart from this, Padangusthasana will also help to enhance digestion and fix any issues related to slumber plus calves and hamstrings.

How to perform this exercise: Extend the upper body from the hips while standing in an upright position with the feet apart from each other by 6 inches and make sure to bend in the forward direction. Make certain to breathe in while doing so. Use your middle and index fingers to get hold of the big toe after bending in the forward direction to the best of your abilities. This posture has to be held for several seconds before releasing the toes, and you need to repeat this entire process.


All these aforementioned yoga exercises will be appropriate in case you want to improve your concentration and sharpen your memory. Make it a point to perform these exercises on a regular basis for getting other mental as well as physical health benefits too.